First Aid At Work Re-qualification

Course Aim

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend this course.  The aim of the course is to give a good knowledge of First Aid in the workplace and to give employers a certificated First Aider to comply with the regulations and the approved code of practice (ACOP). This certificate will also help to increase self-motivation and confidence.

This course will give you sufficient knowledge to be the designated 'First Aider' for your place of work.


This course usually runs for 2 days. Starting at 9.30am and ending at 5pm.


The students are continually assessed on the basis of their performance during the course, and in a 20-minute practical examination, and a 20-minute theory examination.


Successful completion of the course and examination will enable candidates to:

  • Identify potentially hazardous situations
  • Quickly and efficiently alert the emergency services
  • Povide First Aid to work colleagues
  • Ensure First Aid equipment is up to date and correct
  • Act as the First Aider in the work place


The Course syllabus consists of:

  • General Introduction
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Incident Management
  • Casualty Management
  • Resuscitation
  • Bleeding
  • Shock Management
  • The Unconscious Casualty
  • Major Illnesses
  • Disorders of the Skeleton
  • Duties of the First Aider
  • Burns
  • Poisons
  • Eye Injuries
  • Transportation

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