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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety alert urging all employers and suppliers not to purchase or use KN95 facemasks. ... [More]

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT – MAY 2020 29/05/2020

Covid-19 Risk Assessments now available ... [More]

Working from home? 03/04/2020

Does my employer need to carry out a DSE risk assessment whilst I am working form home? ... [More]

Covid - 19 19/03/2020

IMPORTANT NOTICE - please read. ... [More]

Covid - 19 11/03/2020

RANA endorses an important message from Dr Tim Stevenson about the current situation surrounding Covid-19. ... [More]

RANA warns over Penny Challenge 05/02/2020

The Penny Challenge has been circulating on social media, which sees people put coins into live plug sockets. ... [More]

The year of the Rat! 23/01/2020

RANA Risk Management offers all people celebrating the Chinese New Year the following safety advice as they prepare to celebrate the Chinese New Year. ... [More]

HAPPY NEW YEAR 08/01/2020

We at RANA are offering advice on how everyone, especially older people, can keep warm and protect themselves from the threat of accidental fires in the home. ... [More]

Happy Christmas from RANA 19/12/2019

RANA risk management would like to wish all our clients a Happy Christmas but would like remind people to take extra care during Christmas and New Year celebrations and offer the following twelve tips for festive fire safety: ... [More]

Run, Hide & Tell 19/12/2019

Run, hide, tell is a simple technique used for public security in the United Kingdom in the event of a firearms- or weapons-based terrorist attack. ... [More]

Electrical Safety at Christmas 19/11/2019

RANA risk management would like to offer you some advice to help you make your indoor and outdoor Christmas light displays as safe as possible. ... [More]

Candles are actually a rising cause of fire. 14/11/2019

As the dark evenings approach, a growing number of people are killed or injured because they are careless with candles. ... [More]

Gas Safety 09/04/2019

Are you using an unregistered gas engineer? You could be putting your life at risk. ... [More]

E-cigarette explodes and wrecks house 09/04/2019

RANA risk management is urging people who use e-cigarettes to make sure they follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to charging them. ... [More]

First Aid Requirments 14/11/2018

Did you know that employers are required by law to provide adequate and appropriate personnel to ensure on the spot attention in the event of an emergency? ... [More]

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